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outside of dallas. just, hate to bring you bad news. >>> now to texas where family members have been killed in a murder/suicide in ft. worth, texas. all the bodies were found around the christmas tree. the victims, four women and three men, ranged in age from 18 to 60. >>> to politics, who is paying for rick perry's security detail? the governor's out-of-state securi security, up to $1.4 million since september. the expenses paid for airfare, fees, food, fuel, and lodging. >>> the obamas celebrated christmas in hawaii, exchanging gifts and singing christmas carols at their rented vacation home. they made a short trip to the chapel at the nearby marine base for holiday services. the president is keeping a low profile while in hawaii, but his campaign will soon shift to high gear. as we hear from abc, young voters will be a focus. >> fire it up! >> reporter: they were the foot soldiers for obama in 2008. now campaign manager jim macina says young voters are his secret weapon in 2012. >> 18 to 21 who weren't old enough to vote last time. they're going to cast their first vote and do it
. mitt romney and ron paul in a distant second place. texas governor, former front-runner rick perry, seven points behind them. 43% believe gingrich has best experience compared to gop rivals. 29% say he can beat president obama. >>> trying to build on that momentum, gingrich here in the big apple for a closed door meeting with donald trump. with more about this unlikely political alliance here is abc's jake tapper with "your voice, your vote." >> reporter: riding a wave of poll numbers and publicity, former house speaker, newt gingrich visited donald trump in manhattan where he continued to talk about changing the culture of poverty by putting poor children to work. >> i suggested to donald trump that he adopt a program of apprentices and take one of the poorest schools in new york city and create ten apprenticeships paid for part-time work. and he liked the idea a lot. he understood what i was getting at. >> reporter: some republicans disparage the role played by trump, a reality star and real estate mogul. saying he fosters a circus-like atmosphere. not newt. >> donald trump is a
to a foot of snow. whiteout conditions are expected in parts of texas, new mexico, kansas and colorado. stretches of interstate 40 and other roads will be shut down before that storm heads to the midwest. and then, here to the northeast. winter officially starts next week. looking like winter already. >>> it's a slow go for drivers in the san diego mountains. more than a foot of snow fell there. and gusty winds made it even worse. the roads were so dangerous, drivers were turned back if they didn't have chains. some pulled out the sleds and made the best of it. kids love the snow. >> snow days. >> it's beautiful if you don't have to drive in it. have fun, yes. >>> here's the rest of your monday forecast. stormy in texas, with powerful winds, damaging hail and a chance of tornadoes around houston, san antonio, austin and dallas. showers in oklahoma city to cincinnati. rain and snow showers from western pennsylvania to northern new england. >> 42 in beantown. 45 in the big apple. 77 in miami. 23 in fargo. 30 in the twin cities. and 45 in detroit. a mild 58 out in phoenix. salt lake city
the texas congressman can win the nomination. >>> in iowa, gingrich is accusing romney of running a negative smear campaign as the caucus date gets even closer. during a stop yesterday in mt. pleasant, gingrich actually had to apologize for a negative impression he left with one voter. the woman told gingrich he sounded presumptuous when he told abc news that he would be the eventual nominee. >> the truth is, this will be decided by the american people. this will not be decided by any one person, and that's what i should have said, and i wasn't very clever. >> i appreciate you actually saying -- >> i will make mistakes. i have made mistakes. when i make mistakes, i'll say to you, that was a boo-boo. >> was an overly confident remark, for sure. afterwards, the woman asked gingrich not to be arrogant and narcissistic. quote, i just want you to be humble. politicians that are humble take the taxpayer dollar more seriously. >>> the first day of winter may be tomorrow but the economy is getting hot. u.s. stocks just turned in their best performance this month. the dow jumped 337 points, nearly 3%
and watch the story. here is your monday forecast. drenching downpours from texas to ohio. moving to the east coast by this evening. thunderstorms from houston to new orleans. heavy snow, new mexico. wind warnings for california. >> can you hear, can't hear what song this is? do you make it out? ♪ it's a sunshine day >> 21, albuquerque. 3, seattle. omaha, 24. detroit, 34. mild in new york. 57 in boston. >> remember this, elvira. gothic hostess of the horror move vie movies. she has a day job. unveiled her new wine. 2008, caberet. elvira's macabre-renet. they turned out to meet the mistress of the dark. the macabrerenet, the first, part of fancy handcrafted wines from california grapes. >> i like the bottle. i may buy it. just a taste. >> what do you bring to a dinner party and say this is from elvira. >> we should have had some to taste. >> sample, sample time. not a bad thing. we'll do that. more "world news now" coming up. ♪ elvira ♪ elvira ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, y
to dallas, texas. what does that mean for the kardashian empire. they have all of these, television shows, and these reality shows. now she is going to move. apparently they were just about to undergo ivf treatments they want to start a family. i think out of the three sisters, this is the sister that seems to be most real about her relationship with her husband. she loves him. >> see if they can survive a trip down south to the great state of texas. people saying oprah winfrey's crown is slipping a little bit. one of the show she produces, nate berkus, oprah spin-off. got the ax. last episode in may. we know her network is having trouble ratingswise. some things here. people are wondering is oprah losing her touch. she still has dr. phil, dr. oz, blockbuster ratings and money. we will see. nate is out of there. >> he is a wonderful guy. i have win a guest. he is going to be just fine. he is a designer. desoon coign company. lindsay lohan. on vacation in hawaii. she loses her $5,000, chanel. in her purse, passport, $10,000 in cash. probation paperwork. she has the it back. but $10,000 is
inches of snow from new mexico and idaho. flurries, freezing rain in the texas panhandle. rainy around dallas. >> warm 77 in miami. 66 in atlanta. 53 in new york. upper 30s in detroit. omaha, 30 in minneapolis. cool 59 in phoenix. 41 in colorado springs. >>> well, they did the honors earlier this week here in new york lighting a christmas tree in rockefeller center. >> last night in washington it was president obama's turn. >> three, two, one! [ cheers ] >> just like that, the national christmas tree was all aglow behind the white house. >> looks good. it's the 89th year for the lighting. a tradition that began in 1923 with president calvin coolidge. this is a new tree this year. planted back in march. the previous one was actually blown over by strong winds last winter. >> nice it is planted there. right. >> it is there. >> all right, we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. ♪ the christmas tree at the christmas party hop ♪ ♪ mistletoe hung where you can see every couple tries to stop ♪ see every couple tries to stop ♪ scratching would just turn him off. ma
in the southern california mountains, southern rockies and much needed rain across south texas. showers in florida and georgia. freezing rain from minneapolis to the upper peninsula of michigan. >> 38, detroit. 41, omaha. 51, dallas. warm 81, miami. 40s from atlanta to boston. cool 60 in phoenix. sacramento, 55. >>> this next story is a little crazy. we have all seen how far some charities will stoop using silly stunts to raise money. >> that's right. this is no stunt. this is a cat with 26 toes, eight more than normal. an animal shelter is banking on the freaky feline, daniel, to to help raise funds so it can relocate. >> the shelter's owners learned the rent would be double coming january 1. now they're asking for donations of $26, yeah, that's one for each of daniel's toes, to help with the move. so far they have raised $50,000 cute cat. 26 toes. i mean, you are a pet person. would you, mind that? >> i wouldn't mind it. i wouldn't mind it. i had a cat for 19 years, cleo. didn't have 26 toes. she was spoiled. >> i believe it. i have no trouble believing that. >> very spoiled. >> we'll be back wi
and south texas. bad air in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild unmost other spots. >> teens and 20s from fargo to chicago. 50s, 60s in the south. lots of 30s and 40s across the rest of the country. >> well people who have nice big driveways and garages might think this next video is nuts. a new york city driver finding a sparking space inches bigger than his car. determined to make it work the he does it with generous tapping of the car in front and back. >> we have all done the bump. done the bump. >> i have didn't. >> a man who looks out on the spot, saw the car wedged in the morning when he came home at night. he checked the security camera to see just how that was possible. >> it is so rude. >> all been there trying to squeeze. >> he went really far with that. >> the rubber bumpers on folks in new york. situation like that. >> bumper guard. >> an invesinvestn'tment -- investment. >> park is tough. it requires skichll. >> yes. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it
going back to the scene. the monday forecast. flood advisories in 11 states. texas to ohio. heavy rain, little rock, louisville, cincinnati. hitting the northeast tonight. wet along the gulf coast. heavy snow across new mexico, west texas. very windy in california. >> 56 in sacramento. and 30 in boise. 11, colorado springs. fargo, teens. chicago hits 40. near 60, baltimore. 65, atlanta. rainy 77 in new orleans. >>> kind of ready for some snow. no? >> i'm not. it is starting to get so cold. >> you get the sweaters out. >> for christmas i would be into it. white christmas. >> just for picture perfect. december 26th you're out of here snow. >> done. >> politics and art came together at kennedy center in washington last night. president obama and the first lady presided over celebration of the kennedy center honors. >> saxophonist sunny rollins, barbara cook, singer neil diamond, actress meryl streep, and cellist yoyo ma were honored. >> among performances neil diamond's "sweet carolyn" sung to caroline kennedy who hosts the annual event. >> i love that. love the first lady in the blue dre
. that's your forecast for friday. the snow will be in new mexico even parts of texas. the coldest air still in the west. even for this time of year it's not terribly cold. 62 in atlanta and in the wake of the storm, still holding on to the 60s, falling into the 40s in the northeast and christmas eve, quiet for the majority of the country with the exception of the south. texas will see rain snow showers through west texas and we expect rain into new orleans, as well. a little bit of active weather in the northwest. light snow in the cascades. temperatures in the middle of the country, starting to warm after the big snow. denver will be 40 on christmas eve. christmas day, quiet, as well. rain showers will be across the southeast. a storm is going to squash the rain and keep it out of the ohio valley and northeast. it's going to stay further to the south. 82 in orlando. how does that sound? a little rain in seattle. by the time we take off our workweek on monday there's not a lot happening either. on tuesday, another storm comes in out of the northwest. more rain in the
-runner. congressman ron paul of texas has been largely ignored by the media and the other republican presidential hopefuls until a surge in the iowa polls. now, as the abc's correspondent reports, he is a prime target. >> reporter: ron paul is surging in iowa. sensing a threat his opponents are on the attack. firing missiles at what they say are paul's weak spots. >> ron paul thinks it would be fine if the iranians obtained nuclear weapons. >> one of the people running for president thinks it is okay to allow iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> allow iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: ron paul isn't responding to attacks and stands by his hands-off approach. >> thank you for coming. >> reporter: meanwhile, rivals insist his hand-off approach. meanwhile, rivals insist his foreign policy position is out of step with what the country needs. >> ron paul would be dangerous as a president of the united states. >> reporter: if he could even get that far, which gop candidates say is highly unlikely. >> if he were to get the republican nomination. >> he won't. >> let's say he were. could you vote f
will visit dubuqe. romney in davenport. and michele bachmann resumes her 99 county bus tour. texas congressman ron paul will hit the trail again on wednesday. some analysts believe the race comes down to mitt romney, newt gingrich, and ron paul. >> paul has the the authenticity even if some people don't like where he stands and he has got the passion. >> reporter: paul also has some baggage. questionsariz any bout news letters that included racist, anti-semitic and anti-gay remarks. >> some pretty nasty stuff in there. certainly disqualified for him to be president of the united states. >> reporter: winning in iowa became even more important for the gingrich campaign. after he failed to qualify for the ballot in virginia the state where he lives. of the seven receive maini rema candidates. romney and paul will be on the ballot in virginia. jon huntsman the only gop candidate who will not be in iowa this week. banking his entire campaign on a strong showing in new hampshire which is up next. and where polls show mitt romney currently holds a double digit lead. lisa stark, abc news,
and texas covered in snow and ice is now on the move. until now, temperatures here in the northeast have been downright balmy, a great couple days here last two weeks. but now in for a rude, cold awakening. we get more on this from abc's diana alvear, good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob, sunny, good morning. winter may not have officially started but it sure feels like it has, especially for people in states like texas and washington state where some of the roads were as white as my sweater. a sprinkle of snow coats cactuses in arizona, one of several states shivering from a blast of cold canadian air. in texas the first snow fell covering everything in white. >> i just had to go for a walk it is so beautiful out here. >> reporter: temperatures plunged in new mexico, forcing the closure of interstate 40. snow shovels and other winter supplies flew off the shelves. >> customers calling in, asking us to set aside heaters and, set aside ice melts. >> reporter: drivers had to dodge black ice in washington state. some without success. deeper in the cascades, the danger was getting stuck. th
hes of snow to blanket the great lakes. showers in south florida and south texas. a fifth straight day of bad air in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild in most other spots. >> teens and 20s from fargo to chicago. 50s, 60s in the south. lots of 30s and 40s across the rest of the country. >>> well, people who have nice big address and garages might think this next video is nuts. a new york city driver finding a parking space that's just inches bigger than his car. determined to make it work the he does it with generous tapping of the car in front and back. >> we have all done the bump. done the bump. >> i've done it. >> a man who looks out on the spot, saw the car wedged in the morning when he came home at night. he checked the security camera to see just how that was possible. >> it is so rude. >> all been there trying to squeeze. >> he went really far with that. >> the rubber bumpers on folks' cars in new york. just for a situation like that. >> bumper guard. >> an investment. >> parallel parking is tough. it requires skill. >> yes. ♪ my heartbeat faster
, mountains around l.a. and rain, south texas and southeast florida. freezing drizzle from minnesota to michigan. >> 30s in the twin cities. 20s, fargo. 40s, chicago, east coast. and 64, new orleans. 30s from seattle to salt lake city. >> 'tis the season to be sure. and wherever you've might be if it is the weekend then it is santa's swarming the streets. >> this time a charity race in paris. thousands of santa wannabes, clad in well, padded suits make a mad dash. joined by a few christmas trees and packages. >> the g-rated event, attracted hundreds of families. unlike an event in new york, santacon, costumes santas on a pub crawl. a lot walking around new york. santa was feeling no pain. >> i saw ate few myself. yes. >> 'tis the season. more "world news now" coming up after the break. ♪ here comes santa claus here comes santa claus right down santa claus plain ♪ i'm just a piece of dirt stuck here in a rut. ever since that ol' broom dumped me here... oh, oh. oooh! will love ever come my way? oh my! ♪ i believe in miracles [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. swiffer sweep
, back across to you. >> lady lives in texas but she's from baton rouge. on the twelve days of christmas what did the singer's true love send on the sixth day? >> geese a laying. >> wow. impressive. >> six geese a laying. >> that's right. it's really only four days to go. four days to go until christmas. >> what is it? four calling birds? three french hens? two turtle doves? back across. >> guess what? santa, it's not you that gives out free stuff. guess what our producers want to do? >> what? >> they want to give you the money, too! >> give her the money! >> merry christmas, huh? do we have time for one more? >> we do. >> who's next? where are you from? >> austin, texas. >> a lot of texas. okay. which of these companies was the first to use santa claus in an advertisement? pepsi, coca-cola, ford or chevy? >> coca-cola. >> wow! coca-cola was the first, huh, santa? >> absolutely. santa loves all kinds of drinks. especially milk with my cookies, right? >> right on! can we squeeze one more? one more, kath. >> good, good. true or false. the first time new yorkers put up a christ
and a half of snow in new mexico and west texas. powerful santa ana winds, whipping up in california. >> 50 in phoenix. bone chilling 11 in colorado springs. just 14 in fargo, 21 in the twin cities, 40 in chicago. miami climbs to a nice 81 though, and atlanta, 65. >> rubbing the salt in the wounds, guys. >> 81? >> yeah. catch a quick flight. >>> some people can't get enough of halloween even when it is christmas time. a crowd of them took part in a holiday zombie walk in bakersfield, california, this weekend. all they had to do was put on makeup. stitching, infected wounds. bring a toy. >> yeah, the event was with the toys for tots program. proceeds will make the holiday a little brighter for the children at a local shelter. don't know. hopefully someone else will deliver them. zombies delivering toys. >> kids freak out with santa claus. do you really want someone like that bringing you an easy bake oven? i don't know about this. this popularity. october 31st, that's it. it's over. >> i agree. >> so, so says us on the declaration this monday morning. stay with us. more "world
giant target. a texas mother complained target workers had humiliated her for breast-feeding her baby in the store. so in a show of solidarity, outraged moms staged a nationwide nurse-in. kgo's sue thompson reports. >> reporter: outside target's front door in emeryville, some 30 mothers nursed their babies in protest. >> we should be able to breast-feed in public. there is nothing wrong about it. there is nothing dirty about it. it's nourishing our children. >> reporter: nursing mothers banding together upset about what happened to michelle hickman in texas. she claims houston target workers bullied her for breast-feeding her baby while shopping, and then asking her to move to a private location. >> i definitely am not going to go nurse my baby in a bathroom. would you want to eat your lunch in a bathroom sitting on a toilet? >> really unhappy a mom had to go through that experience. >> reporter: around the nation, mothers and babies, openly nursed in public to send a message to target's corporate headquarters. >> so i thought i would come out here in support. and you know, show that
in texas where 100 protestors linked arms at port of houston. the occupy demonstration forced cars and trucks to stop before police arrested 20 folks there. the action at all ports was to shut down wall street on the waterfront. organizers say they're sending a message that their movement is not over. >>> to politics now. with exactly three weeks to go before republican voters in iowa have their say and the battle between mitt romney and newt gingrich is getting even more personal. the two rivals have accused each other of being greedy and both challenged the other to return the millions they made in the private sector. >> guess they won't do that. >>> meanwhile, romney found himself caught of in one of the unscripted and pretty awkward moments on the campaign trail that his handlers have tried to avoid. it all unfolded at a new hampshire diner when romney asked a man varying a vietnam vets' hat about his military service. but he wanted to talk instead about whether romney supports a new hampshire law that allowed him to marry his long time partner. >> i support the repeal of the n
central texas to southern oklahoma. hail, winds, topping 70 miles an hour. rain from little rick to the upper midwest. a mix of rain, snow, and sleet, sioux falls, fargo and uner peninsula of michigan. >> 46, detroit. 39, minneapolis. 50, new york. 67, atlanta. 79, miami. 30s from billings to salt lake city. fine tix, 58. albuquerque, 42. >> you have got to talk a look at this. talk about guilding the lily. a tokyo company is showing off a one of a kind toilet covered in 72,000 pieces of crystal. it is worth $128,000. it's very sparkly. >> that would hurt to sit on that thing. the toilet is not actually for sale. the company hopes it will draw visitors to the famous ginza shopping district. a tough year in japan, the earthquake and devastating tsunami. the spokesman said the toilet represents their hopes for a brilliant new year. a toilet for a symbol of hope. >> sparkly. >> that's different. we'll take it. whatever work for you, japan, that's good. >> that's right. we'll be back with more "world news now." ♪ in a material world and i am a material girl you know we are living i
from l.a. to san diego. and the snow finally stops this morning across new mexico and the texas panhandle. some scattered showers in the northern half of florida. and leftover snow showers in northern vermont and maine. >> 44 in boston. 52 in baltimore. 60 in new orleans. 30s from kansas city to minneapolis and detroit. a mild 61 in phoenix. sacramento 56. and boise 33. >>> now we turn to an amazing survival story. one family caught in a snowstorm and then buried alive. they're fine now, but it was, as you can imagine, an extremely frightening ordeal. ktrk's andy saroto reports. >> reporter: for yvonne david and 5-year-old hannah higgins of league city the trip through new mexico for a prechristmas skiing getaway started out like any other, until they got caught in a blinding blizzard outside the town of clayton. >> we got to about 30 miles down this road, and all of a sudden you quit seeing the road and you quit seeing in front of you. >> reporter: they didn't just get stuck. the higgins became prisoners in their suv, trapped and eventually buried under four feet of snow with n
thursday forecast. up to 20 inches of snow from denver to albuquerque moving later into the texas panhandle and oklahoma. stormy with a chance of tornadoes from new orleans to atlanta. rain around memphis, d.c., pittsburgh, and cincinnati. a bit windy in southern california. >> 60 in sacramento. 33 in salt lake city. just 14 degrees in colorado springs. the twin cities, 25. chicago, 40. 50s from boston to baltimore. and, yes, the forecast i love to say, sunny and 82 in miami. >> they've had good weather this past week and last week as well. >> put me on south beach right now. that would be a dream. that's all i'm talking about. >>> by our completely unofficial count, we've seen santa at dozens of places and events since just after thanksgiving. why not add one more. >> of course. before he sets off on that round-the-world trip, santa did some scuba diving off lovely key largo, florida. the guy in the santa suit is a dive shop owner. he charges to have the pictures taken and all the money actually goes to a local children's charity. >> sometimes santa also has to deal with the usual stuff yo
's mostly going to affect the plains today. we expect snow to continue into kansas, the panhandle of texas and oklahoma and lighter snow making its way all the way up into the chicago area running out of any cold air here. we're going to be in the rain once again. that does include the ohio valley down across the south, on its way into the northeast eventually. look at these temperatures cooling off some with highs in the 40s. still not cold enough to support any snow here. this is where that wedge of colder air is. it's made its way from oklahoma and texas. we'll see rain on wednesday, rain into the northeast. big travel as everyone is heading out to their destination for christmas. could see delays across the northeast at major airports. the west with more snow. the cold air starts to retreat a bit farther to the north here. we'll see temperatures nice and warm for this time of year near 70 in atlanta. by thursday more rain as the next storm makes its way through. we'll have more snow into the colorado rockies. this stretch is a swath of snow farther into the likes as
. [ cheers and applause ] it was pretty amazing. man, i tell you, the last time someone from texas blew a lead like that, it was rick perry. it was unbelievable! and david freese's game-winning home run, that was pretty amazing. you know, i was there last night. after the show i flew to st louis. >> rickey: what? >> jay: i was there. i was there for that historic moment. i had to make a decision. it was a tough decision in my life. here, show the footage. here it is. >> jay: i'm way out. i'm behind the fence. see me standing there? see? now see, the ball comes down. it's coming right towards -- and i go for it. oh, there's the hot dog. yeah, i just -- yeah, i just -- i had an impulse. [ applause ] >> jay: and herman cain told a a group of occupy wall street protesters today to "go home, get a job and get a life." that's -- that's the republican version of hope and change ladies and gentlemen. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] at the state -- this is how you know times are rough. the state of illinois has voted 87-28 to allow people to collect dead animals on the roadw
. freezing rain in the texas panhandle. >> 65 in dallas. 61 in new orleans. 73 in miami. 50 here in new york. 41 in detroit. 47 in kansas city. fargo at 25. 30s in billings and boise. >>> well, surely the holiday season must officially be upon us now, my favorite time of the year, only because last night right here in new york they lit the big christmas tree at rockefeller center. >> look at that. yes. >> beautiful. >> the 74-foot norway spruce grew up in a small town in pennsylvania. and the story is that the chief gardner for rockefeller center saw it from the highway and simply asked the owner, lovely older woman if he could have it. >> apparently the answer was yes. there it is decorated with some 30,000 lights. they will be on until early january when the tree will be turned into lumber for habitat for humanity. >> nothing like the holidays in new york. >> i know. >> we'll be back. ♪ underneath my christmas tree the only place you want to be is underneath my christmas tree ♪ are you crazy? i would never go out without my covergirl. i want to look natural, not naked! but look! with c
, but there are strings attached. the bill would require construction of a canada-to-texas oil pipeline, something president obama has tletdenned veto, so the how is likely to die in the senate setting up another 11th hour deadlock. >> this could lead to another government shutdown. stay tuned for that. >>> let's turn now to the presidential race now where mitt romney picked up an endorsement this one from tea party favorite christine o'donnell. >> romney and newt gingrich promise to make nice on the campaign. abc's karen travers is following the campaign. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, sunny. the top republican contenders have been ramping up the attacks for days. but yesterday, they took a breather. [ applause ] >> reporter: he doesn't have a republican opponent yet, but president obama is moving full steam ahead with the re-election. >> we are going to have to fight for it. it's not a slam-dunk. >> it's understandable people aren't feeling as chipper as they were in 2008. >> reporter: the republican campaign trail, newt gingrich called for a cease-fire. >> i
.a. to the dallas mavericks, the lovebirds are texas bound. and little brother rob is apparently tagging along on the adventure. searches for lamar up 8,000% this week, and khloe's, 420%. >>> also making a splash, lindsay lohan's much-awaited "playboy" spread hit newsstands earlier than planned. lookups for lohan "playboy" are up more than 400%. the marilyn-inspired shoot sent users looking for the 1953 original. queries for marilyn's nude pictorial are up 1,100%. >>> in tense tinseltown news, demi moore and word that despite her split with ashton kutcher. she is keeping her twitter handle, mrs. kutcher. with four million followers, demi says her fans will have to deal with it. changing it isn't top priority at the moment. >>> and there's a lot of interest in paris jackson. michael jackson's daughter who gave her first televised interview to ellen degeneres. the poised teen talked about her late father and his insistence on paris and siblings to wear disguises in public to protect their privacy. >>> and word from hollywood. it wouldn't be the holiday season without lots of anticipated movies.
. thunderstorms from texas, tennessee, mississippi. up to 5 inches of snow in the northern rockies, cascades and showers in the pacific northwest. >> 42, seattle. 35 in salt lake city. 60, phoenix. indianapolis, 53. chicago, 43. 54, new york. 67, atlanta. 76, new orleans. >> well, today is the day a california couple was expecting to welcome their new bundle of joy. instead, she arrived 16 weeks ago on august 30th. look at that. she weighed in at just 9 ounces. just over half a pound. doctors gave her a 2% chance of making it. >> now even they say melinda is a miracle. by one count, the third smallest baby ever to survive. she is growing and she is thriving and although she still weighs just over 4 pound she is expected to be home for the new year. and that really is remarkable. i know earlier you were saying, you were holding a soda can 12 ounces. >> regular can of coke or whatever is 12 ounces. she came in at 9 ounces. smaller than a can of coke. >> a lot of babies are 5 pounds, 6 pounds. 7 pounds. >> lucky mom. lucky girl. >> welcome to the world. >> welcome to it. we'll be back with more
. the greatest momentum may be paul. the libertarian texas congressman. but along with his rise, paul is facing increasing questions about that controversial newsletter in his name containing racist, anti-semitic and anti-gay screeds. the author says in one part that 95% of black males in washington, d.c., are criminals. paul's defense -- >> i didn't write it. i disavow those messages or whatever was written. so, that's been 20 years ago and been rehashed many, many times. >> the danger here in the news letters is that it makes you think he is more of a fringe political figure. so it could lessen some of the support he has from mainstream republicans. >> reporter: new questions about paul support by anti-government survivalists, white supremacists and anti-semites. paul told "the new york times" he would not be happy about their backing him but refused to disavow it. he said that extremists who support him may like what he says but doesn't mean that he likes what they say. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >>> also on a bit of a political front there, for the first time since
in the texas panhandle. and stuck holiday travelers filled up hotels in northern new mexico. >> that looks awful. >> it looks so bad. and the sad part is winter's not even officially here until next week. so we're getting a taste of it early. >> here's your tuesday forecast. a mix of rain and snow. all over -- rain from kansas city to chicago. thunderstorms from new orleans to memphis. light rain around nashville, detroit, cincinnati, and pittsburgh. snow in the cascades. and northern rockies. >> a wet 46 in seattle. 36 in salt lake city. and 60 in phoenix. 30s from fargo to kansas city. 45 here in new york. 60 in atlanta. 77 in the big easy. >>> well, you know i love people getting into the holiday spirit. >> yes. >> so we have an indiana man has tricked out his truck with an unusual dose of holiday cheer. just take a look at this. his silver gmc is decorated with six strands of lights and a little christmas tree in the back, and it all runs on a 1,000-watt power inverter under his hood. >> that is festive. robert alexander says if he can make ten people smile every day it is all worth it
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